BWG Gravity Jig – PB&J


Every once in a while a revolutionary concept sweeps through the fishing industry and starts to raise some eyebrows, the Zero Gravity Jig has been the catalyst for such a reaction. Constructed from a non-lead material and precisely shaped, the Zero Gravity Jig has earned its name from the incredibly slow 1 foot per 3 seconds rate of fall.  When fishing a jig it’s not uncommon to get bit on the drop, so prolonging the amount of time spent descending can only have one result – more fish.

Not only does the Zero Gravity Jig’s rate of fall create a desirable characteristic for traditional jig fishing, but it also opens up other avenues of application.The near neutral descent allows anglers to wake it, swim it, jerk it, and even Carolina-Rig it. In addition, the Zero Gravity Jig makes an ideal choice following cold fronts or when swimming through pads, grass, trees, and stumps. The Zero Gravity Jig comes equipped with a patented fusion banded die-cut skirt with built-in kicker legs, as well as, a colour matched fibre weed-guard and a super sharp 4/0 black nickel VMC jig hook. The innovative design and construction of the 0.21oz Zero Gravity Jig presents a slow-moving snack for lethargic fish and ushers in the next generation of bass fishing jigs.

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