BWG Doobas Kadonika – Yellow


The BWG Doobas Kadoinka Frog, with it’s unbelievable attention to detail, has to be one of the more realistic looking topwater frogs on the market today. But this Topwater lure is not just a pretty face, it is well equipped to carry out the necessary tasks you lay before it.

With it’s incredibly soft body that will very easily collapse to expose the very sharp wide-gap double-hook, it will ensure you land more fish for sure. The lure also has a weighted rear section which allows a more attractive sitting position in the water, just like the real deal. Thanks to it’s weight, size and styling, this lure is ideal for pitching into heavy cover as well as open waters. It lands on it’s belly everytime.

The Doobas Kadoinka is available in a selection of colors. For anyone that enjoy’s TopWater fishing, this is definitely a must have.

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